भारत सरकार
कृषि सहकारिता और किसान कल्याण विभाग
Agricultural Cooperatives & Farmers Welfare Department
National Agriculture Infra Financing Facility

Main Features

  • Size of the financing facility – Rs. 1 lakh Cr.
  • Credit Guarantee for a loan up to INR 2 crore.
  • Interest subvention of 3% p.a., limited to INR 2 crore, though loan amount can be higher.
  • Cap on lending rate, so that benefit of interest subsidy reaches the beneficiary and services to farmers remain affordable.
  • Project Management Unit to provide handholding support for projects including project preparation.
  • Multiple lending institutions including Commercial Banks, Cooperative Banks, NCDC, NBFCs etc.
  • Online single window facility in collaboration with participating lending institutions.
  • Convergence with all schemes of central or state government.
  • Disbursement in four years starting with sanction of Rs. 10,000 crore in the first year and Rs. 30,000 crore each in next three financial years.
  • Moratorium for repayment under this financing facility may vary subject to minimum of 6 months and maximum of 2 years.
  • Need based refinance support will be made available by NABARD to all eligible lending entities including cooperative banks and RRBs as per its policy.